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Why Managed Services versus Time and Materials

By Rational Business Solutions Inc.
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IT support companies have 2 basic models of support, managed services and break fix.
The managed services model is a proactive approach to support and maintenance of your technology infrastructure.  Remote monitoring tools are used to proactively identify and repair issues with devices on your network (servers, desktops, etc.) before the end user even knows there is something wrong.  
These tools also allow for the support technician to run repair commands and fix issues in the background without affecting the productivity of the end user.  The result is less support calls and systems that are running more efficiently allowing the end user to be more efficient and productive.  The break fix model is simple. Something breaks, you call the support company and they fix it.  
This is very inefficient, because the problem could be stopping the end user from using their device and just sitting and waiting for the repair.
IT support companies are moving more and more to the managed services model as it provides better customer satisfaction and allows the support company to be better in tune with the customers environment and what is going on with all the devices they are supporting.
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