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What does server co location mean?

By Joel
What does server co location mean?
Recently we had a power outage at our office.
Unfortunately, our on site back up did not work and we lost a couple of days worth of data.
I was speaking with someone who recommends using a company that provides server co-location services.
Could you explain what server co location means?  Also, does it mean the same as colo?
Thank you for your help!


By Rational Business Solutions Inc.
The key issue in your question is how can you protect your data in the event of a power outage or a server crisis.  Co-locating your server will not necessarily prevent this from happening. Server co-location or colo is when you place your servers in a data centre rather than on your premises. This can provide a more secure and stable environment for your server, however, you can still lose data in the event of a server malfunction. Data centres will typically have good backup power so that a power outage will not occur, however they cannot prevent a hardware malfunction or a user generated incident that shuts down your server.

We recommend a backup solution that provides for local data backup and offsite data backup that is automatic and monitored.  In partnership with Datto, we provide exactly this type of solution that has the added benefit of virtualization so that your business can continue to operate in the event of a critical server event. 
For more information on the Datto solution, check out Rational Business Continuity Service.

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5 years ago
Thank you for your answer,

We would like to protect our servers more securely, and to your point about data back up, you just never know when something unforeseen might happen. As a responsible company, we will consider using your services for server co location and data back up.
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