Ransomeware Protection Software

I have been really interested in learning more about the different protection methods available. Is there such thing as ransomware protection software?


By Rational Business Solutions Inc.
There is no such thing as Ransomeware protection software.  The best protection against Ransomeware is being diligent and when looking at email you receive and when you are surfing the web.  Ransomeware gets triggered when you open an attachment or click on a link that directs you to the Ransomeware.  Once this is done, it is irreversible and your data typically gets encrypted immediately or sometimes on a delay so you can’t know what the trigger was or when you triggered it. Antivirus software is a must and some products are better than others with regard to protecting against Ransomeware.  The best way to recover from this type of attack is to have a good backup solution or business continuity solution that versions your files to a local backup and offsite.  This way, in the event you do get a ransom message, you can always restore to a previous version an you will not have to pay the ransom.  For more information on how you can protect yourself or your company from Ransomeware, please give us a call.
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