Voice over IP Telephony

Hosted Voice over IP (VOIP) allows your company to take advantage of the latest phone technology and reduce costs. We make it easy for any size business to have a professional VOIP PBX phone system. Whether you are a small business and require only 1 line or a larger business requiring multiple lines and extensions, we have a solution for you.


Low Cost Investment
With our hosted VOIP system there is no on-site central hardware required, which translates into a lower initial capital cost. If your business moves, you do not have to move a phone system or change your numbers.

Reduced Monthly Costs
Our system provides you with a higher-quality, more feature-rich and less expensive phone system compared to traditional business phone systems. Our solution offers multi-office organizations the ease of dealing with one phone supplier rather than dealing with multiple telecom vendors. It also provides the ability for your employees to speak to each other without long distance charges.

Keep Your Existing Numbers
We will transfer your existing number to our system to avoid disruption and the high cost of reprinting documents.

Access from Anywhere
Your phone calls and voice mail follow you wherever you go. Utilize your single number and our Find-Me/Follow-Me tool to route your calls automatically to wherever you are. You can have your voicemail sent directly to your email so you will never miss a call.

Auto Attnedant
Our office phone system projects a professional image. Calls are answered by an Auto Attendant that guides customers through a menu you create, routing calls to any phone, in any location, you choose. The Call Center handles incoming calls in an orderly manner, no matter how busy it gets. Auto Attendant will distribute calls among many potential recipients, whether they are in the office, at their homes, or on their cell phones. While on hold, callers can hear voice menus, advertisements, and/or selected music. If all lines in a queue are full, an overflow announcement will play. You can use a standard, pre-recorded announcement; or you can easily record custom announcements for each call routing plan.

Meet-Me Conferencing
Save time and travel expenses by scheduling conference calls with distant clients and co-workers. Through the Web Portal, you can easily set up a conference call with a few clicks of the mouse. Reserve conference call times, invite guests, and send reminder notices – it’s never been easier.

Advanced Features
Our system provides many advanced features at no additional costs. Give us a call today so we can discuss how these features along with our entire phone package can benefit you and your employees.
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