Digital Video Surveillance

Rational Business Solutions is committed to providing you with solutions that help ensure the safety and continuity of your organization. Digital Video Surveillance systems provide you and your team with security and act as a deterrent for both internal and external theft. Our systems off many benefits that make it easy to monitor and capture what is happening inside and outside your business through our Digital Video Recorders (DVR)


Remote Accessibility
DVR’s can be configured and accessed remotely, enabling multiple, authorized users to view live and recorded video at any time and from virtually any networked location in the world.

High Image Quality
In a video surveillance application, high image quality is essential to be able to clearly capture an incident in progress and identify persons or objects involved. We offer a wide range of cameras to match any application including night vision.

Event Management and Intelligent Video
There is often too much video recorded and lack of time to properly analyze them. Our DVR system offers the ability to only record what you want to record. For example the camera will only record if there is motion in specific area of the frame. Event management functionalities can be configured using the DVR user interface. Users can define the alarms or events by setting the type of triggers to be used and when.

Scalability and Flexibility
A network video system can grow with a user’s needs. Our system provides a means for many camerasas well as other types of applications, to share the same wired or wireless network for communicating data; so any number of network video products can be added to the system without significant or costly changes to the network infrastructure.
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