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Is Ransomware Malware

Is Ransomware Malware

I had no idea how simple it is for ones computer to become compromised by something like malware. Is ransomware a type of malware. Where can I get help against it? AnswerRansomeware is a form of malware.  Ransomware is used to compromise different parts of your computer and they hold you hostage until you pay the ransom.  Some variations of ransomware will encrypt ...Read more...
How Does Ransomware Spread

How Does Ransomware Spread

I’m worried about ransomware. What are some of the ways it can spread and what can I do to get protected against it?AnswerRansomware spreads mostly through email and the emails are looking more and more legitimate each day.  They sometimes include personal information that would make you think that it is real, when in ...Read more...
What is Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware?   I have seen this term used multiple times. I am curious about what ransomware is, and what I need to do to protect myself from it if it is a concern. AnswerRansomeware is a virus that gets into your computer and encrypts all of your files so you can no longer access them.  Typically, you get this type of virus by clicking on an attachment in an email ...Read more...
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