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How to Set Up a Small Business Network with a Server

How to Set Up a Small Business Network with a Server

How to Set Up a Small Business Network with a Server   Need some help figuring out how to set up a network with a server. Is this something your company can assist with or do you only offer assistance ...AnswerWith cloud services now being affordable to the small business, servers are no longer a necessity.  Email services such as Office 365 are very affordable and provide enterprise level functionality ...Read more...
What is Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

By Rational Business Solutions Inc.Connect0 comments
Managed Services can include many different IT related services depending on the organization you are working with. At Rational Business Solutions, we define Managed Services as the pro-active management of your entire IT infrastructure.  This includes remote monitoring and remediation ...Read more...
What does server co location mean

What does server co location mean?

What does server co location mean?   Hello,   Recently we had a power outage at our office. Unfortunately, our on site back up did not work and we lost a couple of days worth of data. I was speaking ...AnswerThe key issue in your question is how can you protect your data in the event of a power outage or a server crisis.  Co-locating your server will not necessarily prevent this from happening. Server ...Read more...
Do Medical Clinics Require More Than 1 Network

Do Medical Clinics Require More Than 1 Network?

By Rational Business Solutions Inc.Connect FAQ0 comments
Do Medical Clinics Require More Than 1 Network?   Medical Clinics require different networks for different groups of users.  In general, like users can be on the same network and should not be able to cross over to the other networks.    Examples of different ...Read more...
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